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Drumcomplex Celebrates 50 Releases With Top 10 Favorites From Complexed Label

Drumcomplex celebrates the big five-oh

Reaching 50 releases is a defining moment for a record label, regardless of size. The time and effort it takes to curate even one great release is more than many can handle. But 50? that's something else entirely. But, in that span of time, and through all the music, there are those records that really stand out. To celebrate 50 releases on his Complexed label, techno force Drumcomplex  presents his top 10 records so far. 


Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Ghost 

We're at the year 2014 with the first Release from Complexed Records. Drumcomplex as label owner wanted to deliver the first one with his good friend Roel Salemnik. This collaboration project made it to Carl Cox's Intec and Eric Powell's Bush Records later, too.

Kevin De Vries - A Journey Through Life

Later in 2014, we received a Demo from Kevin De Vries and with his first Release a good friendship was born. The Journey Through Life EP was played by Adam Beyer among others and we're happy about Kevin's carreer to date.

Wex 10 - Explorer (David Temessi Remix)

Drumcomplex played at World Of Techno in Graz with Wex 10, where we got along very well. Some time afterwards, we received a Demo from him and a 2-track EP was added to our catalogue with David Temessi and Uron Remixes.

John V - Far Away - ReAxis Remix (Complexed Records)

John V. one of our regular artists who has been there from the very beginning and has already done some EP's with us. He convinced us over and over again with his music. In 2017, his EP From Far Away came out with a mega Re: Axis EP

Steve Bleas & William Kiss - Altitude (Hidden Empire Remix)

In 2016, Drumcomplex toured Australia and met Steve Bleas & William Kiss in Melbourne. The guys are in constant contact with each other and eventually the track Altitude landed on ou mailbox. We immediately realized that we were listening to a progressive technoid monster and asked our friends at Hidden Empire if they did not mind remixing it:

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Linus Quick - Drama

Linus Quick is also an old friend of mine and we appreciate his work very much. In 2017 we released his great True Friends album. The track drama came out in advance as a single with a remix of Sad Girl and Drumcomplex. Again full support from Adam Beyer

Drumcomplex - Perfection Is In Imperfection [LP] 

For Drumcomplex it was clear to release his first album on his own label, and so it did in October 2016. Perfection Is In Imperfection featured a collaboration with Canadian artist Misstress Barbara.

Sven Sossong - We Are All One [LP]

And also the third published album by Sven Sossong belongs in the top 10 of the most important releases. Sven the Resident in the Mauerpfeiffer in Saarbrücken delivers us a very multi-faceted album titled We Are All One

Sam Insecton - Introcentric

Sam Insecton is also one of our first artists who released on our label in 2014. The man from New York is a big friend of ours and we celebrate a few days each year in Ibiza together. He has been technically a bit quiet release-wise, but we are sure that soon something will come from his side.

Drumcomplex - Cosmos

Drumcomplex delivers Cosmos EP, the 50th release on Complexed Records. The Cosmos EP is currently rocking the dancefloors of all the great artists and comes with a Kollab track with DJ YENI.

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