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Event: Magnetic Mag Presents Golf Clap [Halcyon SF]

This month, we welcome two of Detroits finest to the Bay

July 28 heralds the return of Golf Clap and the first performance of Codes via event master curator brand RVDIOVCTIVE, to the hallowed Halcyon dance floor. This is the next Magnetic Magazine event at the world-famous venue that's making the West Coast pop! Golf Clap needs no introduction - the two dandies from Detroit continue to deliver non-stop fun with their Country Club Disco Imprint and deliver mass diversity on the decks. We caught up with Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones before the show. 


You guys are a damn good time on the decks! We love that you pride yourselves on being the last guys standing. What's your longest stand? 

Hugh: nothing crazy maybe 6 hours myself, but one time in Hannover I ended up playing the better part of a whole day between different shows 

Bryan: I'm usually up later than most people anyways and so I end up playing some super late night long sets from time to time. There was this crazy party in Grand Rapids I played for at least 10 hours maybe more. Definitely a few long sets at Club NV'D for Kory. The best thing about Halcyon having an all-night permit is that we have the option to keep it going if the vibe is right. And it will be!

What is the origin of your moniker Golf Clap and the related Country Club Disco label? 

We are just both huge golf enthusiasts and we had to make a name that best fit our style. The label namesake just came as the next logical progression. Just kidding it’s just a name and there isn’t any big meaning behind the name sorry. After the fact, we like it because it’s very easy to digest and it’s short and sweet and you can make it with emojis.

You're from Detroit, which is rad! Detroit has an almost mythical status for global dance music enthusiasts. What's the best thing about Detroit? What's the worst? 

Hugh: probably the best thing Detroit has always been known for is turning out quality music from many genres. It’s in the culture here so it creates kind of a pride based motivation to hone your craft. Also having a pretty consistent underground scene over the last 20 years has helped countless acts get off the ground where doing so in a larger city could be more difficult. There’s a genuine DIY vibe to everything here if you want to make something happen you can. 

The worst thing about Detroit currently is the widening gap between the blighted areas of Detroit and the “new” super pricey downtown district. There is still plenty of areas that look like straight up war zones north of the city and dressing up a small part of downtown doesn’t fix the overall problems our city is going through right now. 

Bryan: the best thing about Detroit is general name recognition that comes with living here. Even though size wise it's not as big as many other cities, its name still carries a ton of weight in the music world. 

The worst thing might be the lack of public transportation or a really effective way of connecting the suburbs to the city. This being the Motor City pretty much requires you to have a car to go anywhere and that paired with the highest insurance rates in the country make that an uphill battle for an already economically depressed community. 

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What are three things you would you do if you only had 24 hours in Detroit? 

Hugh: On a perfect day we would go to a Tigers day game, eat at as many places as possible, but the DIA (we have a world-renowned collection), several other spots Red Bull House of Art and the surrounding Eastern Market have some of the best street and contemporary art in the country. Probably fancy dinner (Detroit is becoming quite a foodie's wet dream), a club show, finished with an appearance at the afters. Just in time to catch your flight out. Zero sleep 

Bryan: We would start the day by getting Dilla's Doughnuts for breakfast, followed by lunch at Nikki's Pizza in Greektown, and finish the day with more pizza at Giordano's now that they have one in Detroit. We can work on beats if you want too

We need intel on one of our favorite slogans... Tell us why does Detroit Hustle Harder? Where's the other most hustling hot spot on the planet? 

As mentioned before the DIY mentality out here is unparalleled. That coupled with the fact that most people don’t want to be corporate drones their whole lives. The people of Detroit have always had one or two things on the side to make ends meet. Many of them take those hobbies and talents to the next level and make them a full-time thing. I don’t think I’ve ever visited anywhere in the world with as much hustle as Detroit has yet. 

The proper answer though is a simple tee shirt that two guys made many years ago and Eminem and Proof wore all over the place. It put them on the map and they grew the business into a staple in the Detroit community. That phrase now is a part of Detroit and everyone in it. 

What's been the resounding theme of 2018 for you guys? 

This year has mainly been about working on music as much as possible between dates. We are also heavily focusing on doing key collaborations with artists outside of our main genre. We also have been working on adding some new pieces into our DJ setup including the Pioneer DJS-1000 sampler and the DJM-Tour1 mixer which we got to debut at Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit this summer. We are 5 years strong into this project and this year is about sharpening our skills and music to get us to the next level. 

What would be your slogan for 2018? 

Set an example!

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