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Today, Mindek share a free tune exclusively with you, our readers, as well as essential tunes no DJ set is complete without. Just who are Mindek? Comprising of Matt Abbott and Alex Powell, two industry veterans with over 15 years of experience, the duo have released on some of the best underground labels in the scene. This experience has lead to rapid growth for their new outing, and we all decided to celebrate with an exclusive download. On top of that, to get to know them a bit better, we asked them to share their record bag essentials. Below, you'll find the free tune called "Feelin' Street," and the playlist. Anyone else love Energy Flash like we do?

Clyde P and Daamn - Yayo

This track has such an infection groove and the vocal is really catchy. This never fails to go off wherever we play it. It works extremely well at a day time party in the sun!

Gengis Clan & Gene Farris - We Work The Bass

Really dirty and gritty club track. Something we always drop in the early hours. Dark and wobbly bass lines with infectious vocals from super nice guy Gene Farris.

Weiss - Bergerac

The name alone of this track is just great and we love Weiss. He’s a top Geeza. This is quirky, cool and a little twisted. A must have for your USB!

Deeper Purpose & Intrusive - Safari

Love thew deep groove in this one and main hook is really infectious. Out now on Max Chapman's (Or we call him Wagon Head’s) Resonance Records. Love the artowork for tis one too.

Eli Brown - Cartegena

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Love Eli Brown right now, another one for summer sets in the sun. Hypnotic vocals and rolling bass. Just what we like!

Fisher - Lose Control

We were hanging around with Fisher at The Beatherder festival and although we had already heard this track, we’ve never seen it go off with a crowd. Everyone went nuts and he is a super nice Ozzy! This one really deserves to be sat at number one on Beatport at the moment.

Mindek - Feelin’ Street

This is a little different to what we usually make with a more housey vibe and disco licks. Keeping that driving energy but definitely a more summer record! A perfect to give away with you guys!

Dennis Quin, Shermanology - Move Out Of My Way

You gotta pick something with a classic M1 organ in right? It has to be this one. One for the ladies on the dance floor. It’s not quite a handbag record but it certainly get’s everyone moving when the floor is a little flat. Catchy as hell!

GAWP - Coolade

We can’t leave this one out. Our good friend GAWP who we have known for years is smashing it at the moment. Coolade which was released on Dirtybird’s Birdfeed is another crazy one to break up a set. This one does just that and is a gear changer in our sets.

Joey Beltram - Energy Flash

No set or playlist is complete without a classic. We forgot how good this record sounds out on a system and dropped it a couple of weeks back. The cool kids were asking what this is and were shocked to hear it was made back in 1990. Banger! 

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