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Interview: RYBO & Lubelski Go B2B Talking Tech House, Touring, Production

The pair of DJs talk how their friendship started, the power of tech-house and much more.
Lubelski & RYBO

Lubelski & RYBO

Los Angeles DJs, RYBO & Lubelski have teamed up after six years of knowing each other and playing gigs together on a new single on Desert Hearts titled "Favela Funk." The firm and steady tech-house is the type of music they put out on their own, but gets even bigger when joining forces. With that bond so firmly tied, we got them to interview each other to chat about tech-house, some strange touring stories, how they produce and more.

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RYBO: We met back in 2012 when Desert Hearts was just starting to make big waves in the underground scene. Since then how do you think the music has progressed in the tech house space? Do you think the future is incorporating more world and tribal sounds?

Lubelski: Damn, it’s crazy to think we’ve known each other for that long. I think music, but tech house specifically, has always had its ups and downs. Right now, I feel like we are at a tipping point and have been for the past couple years, but tech house just never seems to die. I guess that’s why they call it the universal groove. I think that the future is definitely all about trying to find ways to make tech house more organic and as interesting as possible, whether that’s looking towards more world inspired music or digging deeper into synths. As long as the ideas behind the tracks are fresh, it sounds good by me!

RYBO: "Favela Funk" takes a new approach on world sounds, how do you see this raising the bar for new styles of music to come?

Lubelski: I think that people are really digging world music right now. They just want something new and different or something old with a modern twist!

RYBO: The track has been in the works for almost a year, do you think it's beneficial to sit on music this long and be able to test it across multiple markets?

Lubelski: Honestly, I think we should have put this out right when Mikey heard us first play it out. He had been such a huge supporter of the track earlier on. Definitely a good call to test it out a few times and make sure that the mix sounds good across multiple systems as well as with different crowds.

RYBO: If you could play any gig in the world what would it be and why?

Lubelski: I think I’d want to play Day Zero. I definitely talk about it way too much but the level of production is just next fucking level. Everything from the stage design, to the Cirque Du Soleil performers, to the jungle location, to the musical programming is just top notch.

RYBO: What’s with the tiny sunglasses?

Lubelski: People don’t realize the most important part of the eye is the pupil, so that’s the part I focus on the most. I could give less of a shit about the white of my eyes or my irises. Also I figured since Mikey’s already got the big hat and you got the long hair, I’d have the tiny sunglasses.

RYBO: What “real instruments” do you wish you could play fluently to throw into your music one day?

Lubelski: I play a bunch of instruments - guitar, bass, drums, piano, cello, trombone, harmonica, and a few more obscure ones but honestly it's hard for me to put any of them in my tracks. If anything maybe guitar, bass and piano.

RYBO: What is the Portuguese > English translation of the vocal sample?

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Lubelski: The lyrics are actually super dirty. Cavalo de Pau means "Rocking like a Horse" but depending on how you pronounce 'Pau', it could either mean cock or bread.

RYBO: How do you think our production styles are similar, and how are they different?

I think we are on the same vibe in a lot of ways, both love psychedelic inspired tech house and are both synth freaks. I think we are different in terms of what we can both bring to the table though, we both have our tricks in the studio so I think it only compliments our collaborations even more!


Lubelski: Got an all time favorite world music jam? Why is it your favorite?

RYBO: If I were to narrow to down to one world music track as a favorite I think it would have to be "Magalenha" by Sergio Mendes. There’s just something special about those vocals especially when the whole choir come in. Also you can’t beat that percussion!

Lubelski: What's the farthest from home you’ve ever been?

RYBO: The farthest from home I’ve been was Costa Rica for Ocaso Festival. I’ve been lucky enough to return the past two years in a row. Costa Rica holds a special part of my heart, the people and country are truly beautiful inside and out.

Lubelski: Favorite percussive instrument?

RYBO: Easy, definitely the bongos! I think every track I’ve made has a bongo somewhere in it. A little motto I like - “Bongos not bangers!” haha

Lubelski: What would you do if it wasn’t music?

RYBO: Well I decided to move to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue music after I got laid off from my construction job. So i guess I’d probably still be working in the dirt, digging ditches.

Lubelski: If you were a fish, what kind would you be?

RYBO: Halibut, duh!

Lubelski: Favorite tour story?

RYBO: Well, there’s definitely a lot to choose from but I just got back from Electric Forest, which was totally mind blowing. Anyways I got separated from the crew and got lost in the forest for god knows how long wandering around trying to find the Grand Artique stage which I was scheduled to play b2b with Mikey Lion. Luckily, our tour manager Phil who found me in the woods did his job and sent me on my way in a golf cart catching my set within minutes to spare.

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