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Calvin Harris Only DJ To Crack Top 50 Richest Celebrities In 2018

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

It is often spoken about endlessly among those in the dance music world about overpaid some DJs are. But in the scope of the entertainment business and celebrity, they don’t really make all that much money. Forbes just released their list of the highest paid celebrities in the world and the only DJ to crack the top 50 was Calvin Harris at 50, making $48 million. The only other DJ or electronic act were The Chainsmokers, who reeled in $45.5 million to claim the 59th spot.

They are all well behind athletes, actors, other musicians and television personalities like Taylor Swift, Roger Federer, Bruno Mars, who made $100 million, U2, Coldplay, George Clooney and Floyd Mayweather. The full list can be found here with the top ten for you below. There is some serious money being made by a few select individuals in the entertainment business.

1. Floyd Mayweather - $285 M

2. George Clooney - $239 M

3. Kylie Jenner - $166.5 M

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4. Judy Sheindlin - $147 M

5. Dwayne Johnson - $124 M

6. U2 - $118 M

7. Coldplay - $115.5 M

8. Lionel Messi - $111 M

9. Ed Sheeran - $110 M

10. Cristiano Ronaldo - $108 M

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