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Fyre Festival Attendees Win $5 Million Civil Suit Against Billy McFarland

Welp, the losses keep on coming for Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland.

Fyre Festival is the gift that keeps on giving for courts and content makers (like us). Two individuals who paid a fortune to attend the clusterfuck of a festival have now won a $5 million judgment in a civil suit against the festival.

According to Vice News, Seth Crossno and co-plaintiff Mark Thompson sued the festival originally for $25,000 each but after the case went to trial, they were awarded $1.5 million in compensatory damages plus an additional $1 million in punitive damages. The judgment was handed in absentia because Bill McFarland did not respond to more than a year’s worth of court proceedings. Ja Rule was originally named, but we was removed in a separate agreement. In this whole thing, Ja has remained remarkably untouched.

The pair originally paid $13,000 on luxury VIP packages that was supposed to include “residence consisting of four rooms and a living area,” on a private island that the festival was never held on.

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Instead they were met with the well-documented disaster that Fyre Festival was. But at least now they have been given $2.5 million as a result of their troubles. It is unclear how they will collect the money and they won't reveal their methods, but they do intend on getting it.

McFarland will be sentenced next month to prison for two counts of wire fraud for 8-10 years in prison. He also faces potential new charges from a new potential scam “NYC VIP Access.” Scammers going to scam. 

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