Gorillaz Murdoc Is In Prison: Talk To Him Now To Help Free The Bassist

Chat with Murdoc in prison who is not in the best mood.
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Gorillaz Murdoc

Murdoc in prison

The story of the Gorillaz goes way beyond the music. They have built intricate back-stories to characters that have become the face of their musical project. One of them, the band’s bassist (until very recently), Murdoc is in prison and he needs your help to escape.

Murodoc is being held in Wormwood Scrubs, but you can help him get out, or at least chat with him through Gorillaz’ Facebook messenger, Skype and KIK. If you get past a series of questions about Murdoc, you can start to chat with him. Obviously it is all automated, but it is actually well done compared to most other artist Facebook messenger systems that really, really, suck.

Go through the prompts and see where it takes you. You may be surprised. You can talk to Murdoc until 9pm UK time, when who knows what will happen to the bassist. 

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