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In Conversation: Jack Glossop [Jack Your Body LDN]

Ever wondered how you can go from studying film, to throwing snazzy rooftop parties in beautiful locations?

It's funny how many people go to school for something, and then end up in a completely different career field. For Jack Glossop, going to school for film, and then working in TV and entertainment, was the future he was creating for himself. That is until house music took hold of his heart, and changed everything. Fast forward to today, and the 23 year-old has created a boutique clubbing experience catering to a classier, quality music loving crowd, nestled in the beautiful rooftop of the Mondrian hotel in London. In this episode, we discuss the ups and downs of throwing your own party, keeping your eyes on the prize, and Star Wars. 

Curious what it's like to Jack Your Body in London? Check out the recap video from their first party below, and be sure to grab tickets to their first outing in Ibiza.

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Tickets for Ibiza here.

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