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[Interview + Exclusive Mix] New Sound Spotlight: Desert Sound Colony

Turning the spotlight on Desert Sound Colony, an eclectic act whose style showcases a defiant variation between electronic and techno with twist on break-beats. Magnetic Mag gets to know DSC a little better with an interview and exclusive mix!
Desert Sound Colony

Desert Sound Colony

There is something to be said about coming across artists that really catch your interest when perusing online. Somewhat of a virtual crate-digging, releases come through our e-mails by the bucket load and every so often after trudging through it; you find a gem. This time around the gem was Desert Sound Colony. 

Desert Sound Colony came onto our radar via the release of his, Lose My Rhythm EP via Snap, Crackle & Pop this past May. Lined with post-punk inspiration and embodying anthemic vocals and sharp guitar lines this EP was an unexpected and solid beat churner that makes one want to dig up the ol' New Order vinyl and start sampling! However, that is not the limit of his stylistic range for DSC. Definitely stemming from the love of Hacienda days and growing up in the UK, Desert Sound Colony has bestowed an exclusive mix for Magnetic Mag so we can all get a taste of what the man can do!  

Following the mix, Magnetic Mag, reached out to DSC to learn more about the man that makes music with eclectic electronic styles and manages to bust the dancefloor open:

Magnetic Mag: Who is Desert Sound Colony? Where/When did this persona manifest?

Liam (DSC): The Desert Sound Colony project began when I was living in Bristol in 2013. I wanted to originally create a project where the songs were for the club but were built almost entirely from samples that I recorded into a mic in my bedroom. It has now taken on quite a few different manifestations and sounds, coming almost full circle to being a pretty straight up club project written quite digitally. 

MM: Do you have a background in music? Any history DJ'ing or producing?

DSC: I played guitar and piano as a kid but stopped when I was 14. I got into producing and DJing when I was 17 and haven't stopped since then.

MM: How did your first EP come to be released on Scissor and Thread? I believe your 2nd EP was released on the same label?

DSC: I sent them a message on Facebook. They replied at first saying that they only released music from their circle in NY. I totally understood the reasoning behind that but much to my surprise, a few weeks later they messaged back again saying that they had been listening to a lot to the demos and they wanted to sign two EPs.

MM: In what ways do you think your style of music sets itself apart when performed to an audience on the dancefloor versus the typical house/techno/tech-house genres?

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DSC: Well the project has had many guises over the years. When I DJ I play an extremely wide variety of genres. Any BPM and any type of sound. I lean more towards a darker tone when it comes to bands but not necessarily all the time. The same could be said for the electronic music that I DJ. As for the live show, that is very different from most acts you are going to come across in a club environment. The music is chugging, psychedelic and heavy with a big kick but I am playing guitar, keys, drum pads and singing as well. I guess it is taking things back a little bit to how clubs used to be before DJs when it was bands playing all night.

MM: Can you tell me a little bit about your label, Holding Hands? How did it come to be?

DSC: Holding Hands was started just over a year ago. It was originally a vehicle for me to have more control over my own releases. That being said I always wanted to release other friend's music as well. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a lot of very talented up and coming producers. People like Guava, Breaka, Baby Rollen and the next signing Adam Pits are all from the same friend group as me. It's really nice to be able to channel that friendship into the HH project and get some serious slammers out there for the people to lose their minds to.

MM: The label's latest release, Breaka's Rory Theme EP is officially sold out on vinyl! How does that feel to have a record sell its last copy?

DSC: As a label boss it always feels amazing as it is proof that you know what you are talking about when it comes to A&Ring music. The previous release also sold out very quickly and I think this next one should be the same if the crowd reactions have been anything to go by when I've been playing it. Came across this little vid from the weekend just past actually. Looks like we might have another slammer on our hands... 

MM: What was it about Breaka's EP that made you decide you want to sign the record?

DSC: Both tracks just made want to get up and dance. They gave me goosebumps and transported me to a packed dancefloor where I knew they would be total bombs. It was an instant feeling and I knew I had to sign them immediately. I am very glad to hear everyone else heard the same thing as me.

MM: Where does Desert Sound Colony call home? Where in the world does Desert Sound Colony resonate with the most? Does that help inspire the music you produce?

DSC: Either a dark and dingy club with a big sound system or at a festival with a similarly large sound system. I definitely cater to the music that I write to those environments, probably because of all the years that I spent going out in Leeds and at myriad festivals around the world.

MM: What is to be expected in the future for DSC? Any releases or tours in the works? 

DSC: I have an EP coming out on August 31st on Nick Hoppner's new label which I am very excited about. You can hear some clips on my SoundCloud page! Then I have the next Holding Hands release coming out mid-September. More info on that coming soon. Lastly, I will be playing some shows in America and potentially Canada in the winter so keep your ears peeled.

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