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Marten Hørger is a house music icon. His music has secured himself as one of the leaders in the genre and "the new wonder kid of bass music," according to German elektro originator Westbam. Now, he's released an epic five-track remix EP, The Remixes, on the house music legend Tchami's CONFESSION label. The Remixes is available for purchase and streaming on Friday, July 27.

Two of Hørger's tracks, "Hands Together" and "You Don't," receive the remix treatment on this EP from artists like Jay Robinson, Taiki Nulight, Wuki, Donkong, and Karol Tip. Robinson's favorable flip on "Hands Together" blends the sought after house sound with some bass house elements mixed in. Taiki Nulight's remix jumps in for the second track on the EP, showcasing lighter synths and a wicked groovy snare rhythm. 

Wuki's take on "You Don't" is chock-full of bass and pinned up to take on any dance floor it is dropped on. Donkong's is free of any monkey business and places an effervescent take on "You Don't" by bringing about a darker side, similar to Jay Robinson's remix. However, Donkong implements bass house and a bit of future house with the synths in the drops. 

"When Neon Steve and I produced 'You Don’t,' we just just wanted to make something that was 100% us, rather than doing what we thought people would love. And it turned out to be one of the biggest tracks of our careers so far. Shortly after that I made 'Hands Together' with that same mindset. Tchami and Malaa loved both of them, so we had our first CONFESSION release. Now some of our favorite producers have remixed both tracks, and we're incredibly happy with the outcome." - Marten Hørger 

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Germany's Marten Hørger is known for his unique blend and take on house, hip-hop, and broken beat. Starting his music career at the ripe age of 15, Hørger managed to secure a residency at one of south Germany's most prestigious underground techno clubs, Douala. Just in the last year, the German DJ and producer has secured over 80 shows globally. Furthermore, he's garnered support from artists like Diplo, Craze, Malaa, A-Trak, Jauz, and many more. 

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