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OddKidOut Releases 'Solstice' EP Made Of Samples From OWSLA Discography

OddKidOut takes songs from the OWSLA discography and remakes them in his own vision.


OddKidOut has taken on a very unique project for Skrillex’s OWSLA. After moving to LA last year, he linked up with Skrillex and they came up with the idea for OKO to create something out of sampling existing OWSLA tracks. That is the genesis of what has become the four-track Solstice EP, which takes songs from artists across the discography.

What makes this EP special is that the samples don’t sound out of place or thrown together as a gimmick. Each song flows together and each have their own distinct sound – like the song their use. They bring some original production to the table, but the samples provide the base for each song.

Listen to the full EP and find what samples are used below.

There are also individual music videos for each song, which you can watch below.

1. 6 Years

(Samples: Tennyson - your face tastes like my happy place)

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2. The Getaway

(Samples: Skrillex & Team EZY - Pretty Bye Bye (ft. NJOMZA) + Tennyson - Cry Bird)

3. Napa Street (ft. Wesley Curtis)

(Samples: Skrillex & Poobear - Would You Ever)

4. MIND/$

(Samples: Yogi - Money On My Mind (ft. Juicy J & Alexander Lewis)

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