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Premiere: Lo-Fi Electronic Trio Basecamp Taking Hiatus With Final EP 'I Was Here'

The band leaves their fans with two final songs to remember them by.


Nasheville three-piece ambient electronic band BASECAMP, comprised of, Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon & Jordan Reyes, have been putting out music for over five years now, kicking things off with their breakout track “Emmanuel.” After twists and turns that found them signed to OWSLA in 2015, they are taking an indefinite hiatus with one final project – the two track EP I Was Here. We are happy to bring that project to you today before it is released tomorrow, July 13.

The project distills into one final burst what the band is all about. It brings together everything that makes them great with emotional vocals with lo-fi production, blending together subtle percussion.

On “Shelter” the trio take control of the track with some more uptempo drums and and a little funk that oozes out of this sexy and lo-fi record.

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They bring on some help for “I Was Here” in the form ofo Sophia Black & Different Sleep, allowing for some call and response to the vocals between a man and a woman. This one is more subtle and soothing that “Shelter,” relying on a soft piano and deep bass stabs.

The EP will be released tomorrow, July 13. 

As mentioned, BASECAMP are taking a hiatus for an indefinite period of time with this EP to focus on their solo projects. In a short note to their fans, they say they are “stepping away from the project to explore new territory.”

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