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Premiere: Clyde Hill & Jason Gaffner Unveil Irresistibly Funky 'Stereotype'

If you like Chromeo or any great summertime disco, this one is for you.
Clyde Hill

Clyde Hill

There is never a bad time to disco, but during the summer, the shine and warmth of a quality disco tune is one the more special feelings in music. In steps Seattle-born producer Clyde Hill and LA-native Jason Gaffner, who came together on their new irresisable single “Stereotype.”

The tune has a bit of everything you want from some summertime disco. There is bouncy, funky bassline, soaring retro synths, an addictive hook and some talkbox to give it a little extra edge. When you listen to as much music as I do in this job, sometimes it is hard to geek out over a lot of them, but this one made me do that from the start.

“With this track, we take a retro sound that’s frozen in time and update it with the modern lens of now,” explains Clyde Hill. “Alongside bouncy analog bass and retro synths, we’re using Talkbox to tell a story. ‘Stereotype’ is a track about being yourself in a world that wants you to be something else.”

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The song will be released on Friday, but until then, we have all of this funk for you here. If you like Chromeo or just any great summertime funk and disco, this is for you and smash that play button.

“If you like glorious talk box in your music then give our song a listen. If you don’t, well then we don’t want to be your friends. And neither does anyone else,” says Jason Gaffner throwing down the gauntlet. "This is a song about wonderfully unique independent women. We're like Bruno Mars’ awkward white step kids that slay the funk.”

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