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There's a sense of peace when a song punches you straight in the soul. Rarely manufacturable, it comes from the purest expression of an artist's psyche. How else can the ego stay out of it unless forced by feelings so real the head can no longer deny them? Such is the authenticity expressed by experimental electronic music artist Darcy Baylis. His break-out album, Intimacy & Isolation, was considered by many to be one of the most rewarding listens of 2017. A veritable diary from the young artist's travels around the world, the scope and breadth of the record was astounding. On July 11th, Darcy is dropping his latest work, titled "House of Bricks," a collaboration with emo-rap phenom Zubin and we have the premiere for you today. 

The song is certainly a challenging one to let land. Alongside the pulsating beats that pare back the faded-out bliss are sluggishly delivered bars describing the numbed out escapes we seek to shelter us from pain. The end result is oddly embracing, despite its morosity. The subtle message proving that honesty cuts deeper than lies ever can.

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