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Premiere: Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne Deliver Brooding 'One Way Or Another' From USA Show 'Queen Of The South' Score

The full score will be released on Friday, July 13.
Giorgio Moroder Raney Shockne

Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne 

Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne have been tasked with the score for the USA network crime drama Queen of the South and we are happy to unveil one of the songs from the score, which will be released this Friday, July 13. The song “One Way Or Another” features Chloe Chaidez, known to others as Kitten, that has a brooding, melancholic feel to it.

The slow-burning track has isn’t an obvious disco tune from Moroder, but has some of the chugging electronic undercurrents you can find in many of his records and what has made him such an in-demand producer over the years. Combined with the soundtrack talent of Raney Shockne and Chaidez airy vocals, “One Way Or Another” comes together into a song that could standalone on its own, but also fits into a larger soundtrack.

“Debby Harry and I worked together on the soundtrack for American Gigolo and recorded the song 'Call Me'. So when Raney Shockne recommended 'One Way or Another' as a cover for Queen of the South, I thought it was a great idea,” Moroder tells Magnetic. “We called our friend Chloe Chaidez (aka Kitten) and asked if she wanted to sing on the track and she said yes. Then, Raney and I produced and rearranged the song and Chloe brought something dark and beautiful to the table. It all came together from there." 

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The full score will be released this Friday via Lakeshore Records, while episodes air on Thursdays at 9pm EST. Pre-order it here.

01 “The Queen of the South”
02 “Escapar”
03 “Cemetery Stroll”
04 “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”
05 “The Lifestyle”
06 “Saga De Sangre”
07 “The Gospel Of Teresa”
08 “Perico”
09 “Sinaloa”
10 “The Book Of Falling Kings”
11 “One Way Or Another”
12 “Moyocoyotzin”
13 “Cuerno De Chivo”
14 “Amarrar”
15 “Halcones”
16 “Sacrament For The Mule”
17 “Fusilados”
18 “Transport”
19 “Pozolero”
20 “Confession”
21 “The Turn”
22 “Hangman”
23 “Levanton”
24 “A Queen Is Born Not Made”
25 “Dreaming Of Spain”
26 “La Pared”
27 “Tarnished Crown”
28 “The Color Of Snow”

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