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[Premiere + Interview] Eelke Kleijn Drops New Single, "Punta Cana" From Upcoming Album, 'Moments of Clarity' via DAYS like NIGHTS

Dutch producer Eelke Kleijn reveals his new Single "Punta Cana" out this Thursday, July 19th on DAYS like NIGHTS and talks to Magnetic Mag about his new album and tour

It makes us happy to see hard work paid off, especially from a well-respected artist and producer such as Eelke Kleijn! After an amazing set at Rapture Music Festival this past March during Miami Music Week and Eelke's most recent past release of 'The Calling' via DAYS like NIGHTS, his tour dates have continued to grow and expand across the globe. This summer, you can catch Eelke Kleijn at events such as Sziget Festival, Awake Festival, Hidden Garden Festival to name a few and massive events such as Burning Man and Amsterdam Dance Event! Tomorrow, Eelke Kleijn drops another new single "Punta Cana" off of his upcoming album, Moments of Clarity. via his imprint, DAYS like NIGHTS. 

A small taste of what is to come from his full length, 12-track album. Hear it first on Magnetic Mag with an exclusive premiere of 'Punta Cana':

Eelke Kleijn's joins Magnetic Mag once again to talk about his new album and his growing tour dates across the globe: 

Eelke Kleijn

Magnetic Mag: Can you tell me about your background growing up and how you ended up DJ'ing/Producing?

Eelke Kleijn: I grew up in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands with one brother and one sister. My mom used to stay at home when we were younger, while my dad went off to work. I was a very strong-willed kid and I think I caused my mom some pretty hard times. Fortunately, most of that changed when I got interested in computers and computer games, especially from the age of 10 onwards - you could say I was a bit of a geek. My interest in music was always there but it only really started when I started taking piano lessons at 12. A few years later I got a job at the store where I had my lessons and I really took a liking to the combination of music and technology. I started experimenting with the Roland MC 303 and 505, and programs such as Cubase VST. The turntables came when I turned 16 when I started going out to local clubs and I saw DJs spinning records. After that, it was basically just a hobby that got out of hand. I released my first records just after high school when I was 20.

MM: Growing up in the Netherlands, seems like a positive force for someone looking to work in electronic music, wouldn't you agree? Did growing up in Holland and being exposed to various types of electronic music freely contribute to your production?

EK: Oh yes without a doubt! People often ask me why so many producers and DJs come from the Netherlands, but they don't realize electronic music has really been in our culture for so many years. If you were a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s in the Netherlands, you would definitely get exposed to it all the time on the radio and on TV. During the later years of high school, we would go to parties where Tiesto or Armin van Buuren were playing. It was huge back then. A few years later I got introduced to artists such as Sasha and John Digweed while attending the Earth parties at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. All of that had a big influence on my sound.

MM: Having met at Rapture Festival this past Miami Music Week in March, we talked about your steady rise over the last decade and now you have a slew of dates globally between now and October. How does it feel to be growing bigger and having an increase in demand to perform across the globe?

EK: It feels very rewarding, I still remember the times very well when my brother in law would drive me to all the outskirts of the Netherlands and Belgium to play at failed parties for 10 people. Those were amazing days as well, and some fantastic stories, but I don't mind I get to play full clubs in amazing cities worldwide nowadays ;-).

MM: Which event are you looking forward to the most to perform at?

EK: I look forward to every single one, but a special one for me this year is DAYS like NIGHTS at Woodstock in Bloemendaal. Woodstock is one of the best; if not the best outdoor venue in the Netherlands. It's our first label event there, and we have Sasha playing as well as Miss Melera and myself. At the time of writing, we're almost sold out, so it should be a really, really good one.

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MM: The first single off of your upcoming Moments of Clarity album, "The Calling" has just recently been released this past June via your imprint, DAYS like NIGHTS, how has the track been received thus far?

EK: It's been received really well! The cool thing is that it's getting pretty diverse feedback, so artists such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, and Guy J have been playing it, but also Booka Shade and Tim Green. I think my sound crosses a few borders here and there anyway, so I'm quite happy it's getting picked up in different scenes.

MM: What made you decide to release "The Calling" over any other single on the album?

EK: The tracks on the new album are pretty diverse, but at the same time they do feel like they belong together. "The Calling" really captures that feeling for me in one track. There were definitely other contenders for first singles, but in the end, it was an easy choice.

MM: What inspired, Moments of Clarity? When should we expect the album to drop?

EK: The album gets released in November. Every track is a different piece of inspiration (and transpiration). That's actually what the title refers to as well. Making music can be a painful process sometimes. You have an idea, but often it turns out it doesn't work or it's not as good as you thought. Every now and then you have these brilliant moments where everything just comes together. Sometimes you get a few of those in a week and then it will take another month or so. Those are the moments I refer to with Moments of Clarity.

MM: Do you mind telling me more about your imprint, DAYS like NIGHTS? How did it come to be, was it a radio show before a record label?

EK: The imprint started before the radio show, last year in January. At the time I was searching for a home base to release most, if not all, of my music on. I was working with a couple of different labels at the time but none really felt like I could do whatever I wanted. I started talking with my manager and also with Armada Music and together we started DAYS like NIGHTS. The first few releases were all mine but since then we've had plenty of other artists release music as well. The radio show was a natural extension after that. I did have to think for a while if I really wanted to do a weekly show because it takes quite a bit of preparation and dedication. But fortunately it all worked out, and we're almost up to 40 weeks of radio now on 60 different stations!

MM: At Rapture, we also talked a little bit about the health concerns revolving around touring artists. How do you balance your work-life-health as a touring DJ, active producer who runs a label/weekly radio show/event brand? Seems like a pretty packed daily schedule!

EK: I think a lot of people, also artists, underestimate the amount of stress you can be under from things like traveling, jet-lag, sleep deprivation, and your income is irregular and dependent on coming up with something new that people want to dance to all the time. I've fortunately managed to strike a really nice balance between all of this. My schedule this summer is pretty packed with two gigs on most weekends, but I spend the weekdays at home with my family and in the studio. That does mean a lot of traveling, so, for instance, this weekend I flew to Houston on Friday, on to San Francisco on Saturday, and then back to Amsterdam on Sunday. Mondays are for recording the radio show. Then it's 3 or 4 days in the studio. Next weekend repeat with Belgium and the Netherlands, the one after that Miami and LA. It just means more flights for me, but that's okay because I can sleep easily on planes and I do some work as well. I also cut back on drinking, I eat an organic and low carb diet and I work out 3 times a week, even during tours, but I'd probably do that even if I wasn't a DJ, it just makes me feel better!

Catch Eelke Kleijn on tour this summer here

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