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Premiere: Notaker Unleashes Glitchy, Dark & Melodic New 'EREBUS I' EP On Mau5trap

Notaker takes us on his own space odyssey with his new EP out tomorrow, July 6.


David Nothaker, better known by his stage name, Notaker, is ready to release his new EP EREBUS 1. With a sound that is both gritty and melodic, blending soothing progressive with harder electro, it makes sense that he would find a home on deadmau5’s mau5trap. Having already revealed one of the singles last week, his collab with Blackgummy, “Corrupted,” we are happy to premiere the full EP for you today before its release tomorrow.

EREBUS I runs the full gamut of what you can expect from Notaker. It has strong, glitchy electro to well-crafted melodic songs.

The EP starts out with “Fatal System Error,” which could be seen as a reference to the label head’s man computer song references, including a vocal effect he uses. It is a longer and more melodic entry to the EP, that drops into heavy bass not for from what you might hear in a REZZ set.

There is the glitchy, softer more relaxed “Hypersleep” that brings in some trip-hop elements, which makes it feel almost as though you are in the midst of a long-term space flight.

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In between this and final record finds the two most energetic records, which can take time to build, but are heavier with more electro and glitch though don’t lose sight of a strong melodic backbone.

The EP ends in epic fashion with the cinematic “Believe” that brings the listener to their final destination on this spacey odyssey with Notaker. Believe in the journey. Believe in where you are going. Believe in the destination. But most importantly, believe in yourself. The ride may not have been all that long, but it was worth every second to get to Erebus on Mars.

“For this EP I drew a lot of influence from some of my favorite darker sci-fi films like Alien, Interstellar, and 2001: A Space Odyssey,” explains Notaker. “Those stories really helped me stay in the mindset to create this new abstract darker side of The Vessel. I'm extremely proud how the productions, story, and artwork all came together. It was a very rewarding and challenging experience.”

EREBUS I will be released tomorrow, July 6 via Mau5trap. Until then, stream the full EP here.

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