Julie Kathryn, aka I Am Snow Angel, is a prolific singer, songwriter, and sound-maker based out of NYC. She is an explorer of her psyche with no-holds-barred. Unapologetic about the tenuous relations she has with her creative side, she dives headlong into writing sessions and the end results are incomparable. The latest of these writing expeditions found her locked into a cabin in the frigid Adirondack winter, where she found the inspiration to write her forthcoming album Mothership. The anticipation of this album is quite high, and if you want to read more about the process behind it, check out the interview we did with I Am Snow Angel at SXSW this year. Today I have the wonderful opportunity to premiere a remix of "You Were Mine", one of the singles off the album. The Land Below, a burgeoning Swedish producer, takes a driving stab at breathing fresh life into the cool original.

The new wave drum samples fit seamlessly with the alien sounds that IASA brought back with her from the icy forests last year. Alongside a planetary bass-line, comes a set of light arpeggios that drive a chaotic sentiment cut through by the lyric's razor sharp simplicity. The fact that this remix is as evocative, raw, and heartfelt as the original is a testament to The Land Below's skills, and I Am Snow Angel's extraordinary command of her craft.  

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