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Premiere: The New Division, James Meays Share Debut Song 'Blue' From New 80's Synthpop Group Digital Shades

John Kunkel of The New Division and James Meays have teamed up on a new project to deliver more great 80's synthpop.
Digital Shades

Readers of the site may be familiar with 80s synthpop group The New Division, who we premiered one of their recent EP singles earlier this year. Now John Kunkel from The New Division is teaming up with James Meays from Missing Words to create a new project, Digital Shades that echoes the same era but in a different way. We are happy to bring their first record together as a group, “Blue.”

“Blue” is a sad, anthemic song. Kunkel and Meays sing about how they have used music as an outlet to express their sadness and work through what they were going through. It also has a deeper meaning for those who seem to have so much, but also still battle depression or any type of sadness, which does not discriminate. That feeling shines through in the blueish synths, but then they bring in more anthemic elements with a searing guitar and booming drums to help balance and uplift the listener.

“Blue is about how the two of us would get complaints from our wives that all our songs were 'sad.' The chorus sings, ‘I just sing these songs to feel okay’ and there's a lot of truth in that - we write not only for fun but also to help us feel better,” explains Meays,” which is probably why a lot of our songs can seem sad from time to time.”

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Digital Shade is a new chapter from Kunkel and Meays and “Blue” is the first page in that part of their lives. Listen to "Blue" before it is released on Friday, July 20.

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