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For those who didn't know, the Dutch party scene for electronic music has both dominated commercially and in the underground. Being the well from which commercially dominant greats such as Tiësto have manifested and ranging towards the versatile and talent oozing, Satori, the Dutch know electronic music. Home to one of the biggest and most established conferences/festivals, Amsterdam Dance Event, which has been lighting the torch for over two decades - it was no surprise that the city's scene was home to a local treasured venue known as Woodstock'69 on Bloemendaal. 

Woodstock'69 is a quirky and whimsical open-air space nestled at the end of a what is a strip of beach clubs that go down Bloemendaal Strand beach which overlooking looking the waters of the North Sea that merges into the English Channel. Amsterdam or even the Netherlands, to many outsiders, does not evoke the thought of a beach vibe or even environment, however, thanks to the climate change and a really hot summer - the Dutch have been experiencing one of the hottest and best beach seasons.

Eelke Kleijn

Eelke Kleijn

Eelke Kleijn and his DAYS like NIGHTS crew have come back with their 2nd installment of the DAYS like NIGHTS Day event at Woodstock'69 this past July 22nd. With a simple line up of Eelke Kleijn b2b Miss Melera and headlining with the infamous UK producer, Sasha. Between the whimsy of the venue, the smell of seawater and hot sunny weather, the day could not have been better set for an incredible event. Buzzing with a sold out crowd, the day event was filled with people old and young who were more than happy to don their best hippy-wear to dance in the sand. 

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A day to night event that was filled with beautiful smiles, vibrant individuals, a unique location and undeniably one of the best musical experiences to date - the sun itself did not want to set over the party as it only got dark a little past 10 PM. Magnetic Mag did not forget to bring something back from the trip. Eelke Kleijn gives everyone a little taste of this past weekend with an exclusive set for our SoundCloud, listen here: 

Check out some more shots from the event: 

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