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Review: Razer Blade

Is this the most willing and able non-Mac laptop available?
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For a long time, Apple and their Mac computers have long been the go-to for music producers of all levels, especially when Pro Tools was Mac only. Obviously, PC was still a relevant option, but Macs and music producers just seem to go together like lamb and tuna fish. That is until gaming PC maker Razer decided to shake things up. Enter the Razer Blade. A powerful gaming laptop that is geared for serious users, in a sleek black metal case. Basically, think of an aluminum MacBook Pro, but in black and running Windows. Ending things there would be doing Razer and the Blade a massive disservice, but to get an image of the quality of the look and feel of the computer, that will suffice. 

The Razer Blade

The Razer Blade

What is it?

The Blade is a sleek, ready to perform right out of the box laptop from Razer, that features powerful internal components that can handle everything you throw at it. There are four different models, the Blade, Stealth, Pro, and Pro 4k. The power and specs will differ, but the quality is the same. This review will focus on the Blade. 

What do I think of it?

Built for gamers, but usable by anyone, the Blade is uncompromising in quality and performance, and that's immediately recognizable the moment you pull it out of the box. It's got a nice weight to it, and the black body makes it look serious. As I said, I've been a Mac guy for almost 10 years, specifically with MacBook Pros, so that's my benchmark on what a laptop should feel and perform like. I got the same feeling before even opening the Blade. When I didn't get things up and running, it took a bit to get used to the color changing keyboard. The brightness and color are adjustable, but it was rather jarring seeing it for the first time. Aside from the build and specs, the Blade is a Windows laptop, so there's not much to say about the operating system

The main focus was to see how this computer could hold up to the task of music production, which it obviously can seeing as people like Feed Me, deadmau5, and more have made videos for the company demonstrating it. Upon loading up Ableton, even though it comes with a free copy of FL Studio, I instantly got to work on trying to tax the CPU as much as possible to see where it stood. As expected, it handled everything I could reasonably throw at it before it got into ridiculous territory. It should also be noted that this is actually the base model, so it was limited in that aspect, but even still, the computer held up gracefully. 

The Blade is built for gaming, but I never tried actually using it for that, but I would imagine that it would hold up just as well in that aspect. Maybe I'll try that in the future?

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Should you buy one?

Whether you love or hate the Apple ecosystem, the one truth neither side can deny is that it's limited. Limited in the sense that, sure you can upgrade older units yourself like I did with both my computers, but other than that you are stuck with what you've bought. The upside is that Macs are powerful. When it comes to PCs, a big draw is both building your own and being able to upgrade when desired. With Razer, it's in the middle. Can you upgrade? Yes absolutely. Do you need to? No, most likely not. If you aren't a Mac person but love the look and feel of the laptops, then I would say yes, Razer is absolutely the way to go. 

Final thoughts?

I was expecting high quality and high performance when receiving the computer, and that's exactly what I got. Everything felt top-notch in quality, which is the main issue I have with most PC laptops. The screen is vibrant, the body is sleek, and it can take a serious CPU beating. Overall, I'm impressed. I would even consider one myself, except that it's Windows-based. Although should I ever need a PC, this will be the way I'll go. 

Pros: Extremely well built, high performance

Cons: Windows, the price might be a deterrent for some

Final Score: 9/10

*In the time since reviewing this model, Razer has released an updated and more powerful version, which can be seen below


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