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[PLAYLIST + INTERVIEW] . On Tour - to Perform at The Cityfox Experience This Saturday

Rodriguez Jr., gives us a quick Q&A about his music and production and gives us a taste with his Top 5 tracks!

Currently, on tour, Rodriguez Jr. is coming to the Brooklyn Mirage for a live performance this Saturday at the Cityfox Experience. As one half of the French electro duo, The Youngsters - who have two studio albums and two singles released on Laurent Garnier's F-Communications, this French producer/artist shows off another side of his musical psyche with the creative manifestation, Rodriguez Jr. With a talent for seamlessly blending various elements of deep and cosmic techno, eclectic electronic with pop refrains and outlier melodic accents - he is definitely an act worth checking out this Saturday in Brooklyn. 


Roriguez Jr., takes a minute to talk to Magnetic Mag about his unique taste and production as well as give us a taste with a playlist of his Top 10 tracks of the moment:

Magnetic: As someone who DJs and Produces, in your opinion what makes a DJ's performance "Live" in 2018? What is the distinction?

Rodriguez Jr: To begin with, there is often some confusion regarding DJ & a Live Act, for example, I am not a DJ, I do not play other people’s music when I perform, I play my own material and remixes of my own material. when you play your own music live, you can control the material from ‘within”, meaning you have the track open onstage, and are able to manipulate all of its individual components which is a big difference to DJ’s who are playing a completed recording, and are unable to change or treat any of its separate elements.

MM: Is performing live anything like producing music? Have you recorded any of your performances since the tour started?

RJ: Yes it’s very similar but the work inside the studio allows me to have a deeper approach, in the studio you have a lot more capabilities of experimentation which you cannot really do onstage. In a live setting, there is an urgency, a risk happening in the live moment whilst in the studio, there’s the adventure of experimentation that happens and is very different. I do record my performance but I don't like listening to them because it ruins the magic of the live moment for me, I prefer that the moment stays in the moment!

MM: Your tour started in Mid-May this year, how has your performance been received throughout the various countries?

RJ: Everything’s been great, it been quite interesting to see that each country has a unique perception and reacts differently at different moments. I always find this interesting in an almost anthropological way.

MM: What process did you go through to create your newest track, 'Radio'?

RJ: 'Radio' began as an improvisation at a rooftop Sonar Off concert, I dropped some music and the amazing vocalist with whom I work, Liset Alea, took the microphone and improvised this song, luckily the performance was recorded so, we listened back to the show and decided to produce this improvisation. We brought in all the ‘firework-like’ elements that filled our youth and added some of the sounds that attracted us as young musicians such as breakbeats, vocoders, lush pads, and synths etc… It’s like a poetic evocation of who we are.

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RJ: What can the NYC fans expect from your coming performance this Saturday at the Brooklyn Mirage?

MM: The lineup is pretty amazing, I’m excited to share the evening with some of these super talented German friends of mine. If possible I would like to enter some of the more spatial and dreamy atmospheres in my music because this venue is perfect for this, the open space, the lights the natural elements. I want to dream out loud a little bit.

TOP 5 Playlist:

01. HOSH, Tim Engelhardt - Blinded - fryhide

02. SIS - Danzan - mobilee

03. Powel - Tuesday Blues - Do Not Sit On The Furniture

04. Jimi Jules - Othervision - Watergate Records

05. Talaboman - Dins El Lit (Superpitcher Remix) - R&S 


Check Rodriguez Jr. out on Saturday, July 8th at the Cityfox Experience @ The Brooklyn Mirage

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