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Solomun Apologizes For Playing Song Containing Islamic Call to Prayer At Kappa Futur Festival

Solomun did not know the song contained the sample before he played it.

Solomun has apologized for playing a track that contained the Islamic Call To Prayer. He played a set on Saturday at Kappa Futur Festival in Torino, Italy and one of the songs he played during his set contained the Islamic Call to Prayer.

“First and foremost I would like to apologize to all Muslims around the globe for playing a track at Saturday’s Kappa Futur Festival, which contains a vocal sample of the Islamic Call to Prayer,” Solomun says in a statement on Facebook. 

"Now that I was made aware of the impact of this, I want to ask for your forgiveness: With all my heart I want to apologize for hurting religious feelings. As I am a religious person myself, nothing could be further from my intentions. I am deeply ashamed that this has happened."

According to the DJ, he received a demo for a song shortly before the set, liked the beat and did not notice it contained a vocal sample until it was too late.

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“While the track played I was not at all aware what was actually happening, but I sensed that something was off and I had a very odd feeling about the situation, even though I did not understand the language. Directly after the break I mixed out of the track.”

He has told the producer not to release the song and is working to delete the recording of the set as best he can.

This is similar to what happened to Dax J, who played a song with the Islamic Call To Prayer in it at a nightclub in Tunisia. Dax J was sentenced to a year in jail for playing the song, but will likely not go to jail since he won't return to the country. 

You hope DJs will be a little more cognizant of the records they play since an offensive sample could be hidden anywhere in there, but it appears as though these mistakes still happen. 

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