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Spotify Launches New Tool To Submit Music Directly To Editors

It will make things easier to submit, but we will see if anything actually changes on playlists.
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Spotify is looking to demystify the process of submitting to editors for playlist consideration. They have announced that artists can submit through their Spotify for Artists account or if you work for a label, Spotify Analytics, directly to their team of over 100 editors all over the world. From there you will have the option of submitting one song for consideration.

That is not all they want. They will want other data on the song including mood, genre and other notes that will help them make a fit on a playlist. They want to know the instruments, if it is a cover and what cultures you or the song belong to.

This process will help automatically filling playlists like release radar. So if you submit your song and upload it correctly seven days before it is released, it will automatically appear on your followers release radar. This is nice to hear since it seems like release radar is dominated by major labels (like the rest of the playlists, though they think they don’t get enough), and not the indie artists we follow.

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They say 75,000 artists feature on editorial playlists each week, and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, so there is room for plenty of music out there, but who knows how much brand new music from unknown artists will still make it to those big playlists. At least it is easy to send your music in. Whether or not you can navigate the politics of the music business at a public company is another with shareholders who don’t care about your career is another. 

Spotify says this is just the beginning and it won't be perfect. They will probably need to double up on their editors to deal with the floodgates. Hopefully it will help diversify playlists after the Drake debacle where it seemed as though Drake's label bought the service and owned every playlist. 

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