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Spotlight: Best Places To Get High This Summer In The United States

Here, we look at some of the top destinations for your vacation where you can vape the green stuff to your heart’s content.
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The use of recreational marijuana has become more prevalent in the United States due to its legalization in certain states. If you’re staying in the States this summer, you might be thinking of visiting some of the best spots in our country to get high. Here, we look at some of the top destinations for your vacation where you can vape the green stuff to your heart’s content.

It's time to pack your bags and your trusty dry herb vaporizer and visit the best places to smoke your beloved marijuana in the United States.

Washington D.C.

Top of the list is the nation’s capital. Weed has been legal here since 2014, as you only have 2oz or less. You will need to bring your own since you can’t buy it legally here. DC is a munchies paradise, with a host of amazing eateries to explore. Snack on some donuts or dim sum from Maketto Marketplace before strolling through the Hirschorn Sculpture Garden or visiting Mount Vernon. When you love a bit of culture, Washington has plenty of attractions for you like the International Spy Museum, the DEA Museum and the National Gallery. My mouth is already watering, and we're only getting going.


One of the top destinations for recreational weed, Seattle has a world of opportunity for anyone who wants to get high and explore the local attractions. Marvel at the views from the Sky View Observatory, get up close to the otters at the Seattle Aquarium or amuse yourself at the Dockside Cannabis Museum where you can feel glad that the old prohibition days are in the past. When it comes to the munchies, you’ll be spoiled for choice with some amazing offerings here. Chow down on an iconic sandwich from Paseo and then finish it off with a trip to Cupcake Royal. Yum!

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Having legalized recreational weed back in 2012, Denver is well geared up for users. One of the top places to get high here is at a Bend & Blaze yoga class, or have a fun filled experience playing the games at OneUp. Admire the abstract art at Common Parks to get your artistic juices flowing before trying out one of the Puff & Paint classes and showing off your skills. Once the munchies kick in, head to Cheba Hut where you can enjoy toasted sandwiches in a stoner-themed environment. Dry herb vaporizers are hugely popular here, so expect to see some high quality vaporizers on show.

Las Vegas

The ultimate destination if you want to get high in spectacular surroundings, Vegas offers something for everyone. Explore the amazing and fantastical hotel complexes or play retro video games at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Watch a show and be taken to a whole new level of wonder, or head to the gaming floors – but be careful not to lose all your winnings or recreate The Hangover. Nobody wants to have to talk to Mike Tyson, especially hungover.

San Francisco

One of the most recent states to legalize recreational weed, California is a top destination for cannabis enthusiasts. And what better place to light up? Explore the winding paths of Presidio, enjoy a heart-stopping ride down Lombard Street and munch on exotic ice cream flavors at Humphry Slocombe. If you’re ready for something even more trippy, try walking up the Secret Tiled Staircase, or slide down the Seward Street concrete slide. Or, have an all-encompassing experience at the Audium Theatreof Sound Sculptured Space.

These are just a few of the top spots in the USA to get high this summer. With legalistation becoming a more common occurrence in states across the USA, dry herb vaporizers have taken the industry by storm. It's time to give meaning to the portable in 'portable' vaporizer and go explore this summer. Getting high shouldn't be restricted to the confines of your own home.

We hope you have an amazing trip!

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