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Spotlight: The Best Bong For The Festival Season 2018

Figure out which bong is the right one to bring for your next camping festival.
Firefly Festival 2018 Crowd

The sun is in the sky, summer’s here again and festival season is in full swing. So, what’s the one thing that can make this time of year even better? Yes, you guessed it, the right bong!

If you’re heading off to a festival this summer and are planning on bringing your bong along, you need to make sure that you’ve picked the right one. Although bongs aren’t necessarily the first smoking accessory you think of when you’re going to be spending any time outdoors, they can be a great choice as long as you make your purchasing decisions with those needs in mind. Here’s your guide to the best festival bong for this year.

The Glass Problem

Perhaps the biggest problem that you’re likely to face when taking your bong along to a festival is the possibility of breakage. Although the thickest glass is pretty resistant to impacts, it’s still not going to withstand the rigors of being trampled underfoot in a muddy field. Sensible smokers will leave their expensive glass bongs at home and will pack one that’s a little more robust and made from a more durable material. A cheap and cheerful acrylic straight bong will get the job done, will be a little more resilient than a glass model and won’t be missed too much if it gets crushed in your tent. Although the only thing that you’ll be wanting to drop at a festival will be the bass, a bong that’s easy to grip will also help to make sure that any untoward accidents are headed off at the pass. This acrylic pistol grip bong even has a useful pistol-style handle so you can hold it more easily, no matter how excited you get, making accidents less likely. 

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Drawing The Eye

When you’re smoking at a festival, you might not want to draw too much unwanted attention to yourself, so bringing along your biggest and showiest bong might not be the best idea. Your all-singing, all-dancing, brightly colored model might be great in your own home, but it’s probably not the right choice for such a public setting. You’re probably going to be looking instead for something small and discreet, just like the Jet Flash Mini which is small enough to pack easily in your rucksack, and as it’s made from clear glass it won’t draw the eye of any passers-by. 

Cheap And Cheerful

A festival is no place for your most expensive, state of the art bong. Instead, you’ll want to take along a cheap bong something that is affordable that you won’t mind replacing if it becomes the victim of an incident. A model like the DEA Mini Beaker bong is ideal since it’s incredibly affordable as well as small and discreet enough to take anywhere. Just pop it into your bag and you’re good to party.

So, there you have it, your guide to the best bong for this year’s summer festival season. Choosing a festival bong isn’t the easiest of tasks, let's face it, things are going to get messy. So its always a good idea to consider choosing a bong that’s going to survive the weekend, and not leave you bong-less. Whatever summer festival your gearing up to, whether it be Lollapalooza or Electric Zoo, have a great time!

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