Spotlight: Yamaha Releases VOCALOID5

VOCALOID5 gets some major upgrades with this new update.


Yamaha has released VOCALOID5, with the largest improvements to date on the virtual vocal production program.

VOCALOID5 comes in two different packs. There is the standard edition, which has four voicebanks and costs $222. Then users can buy the premium version, which has 8 voicebanks and costs $356.

The VOCALOID software makes it possible to create singing voices using just a computer. The new production flow makes it easier to create singing voices and lyrics using over 2,000 audio and phase presets.

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Three new (making a total of 13) parameters control vocal expressions, in addition to dynamic, breath and pitch, making it easy to create your own vocals from scratch. VOCALOID5 includes support software for Cubase, 11 kinds of audio effects, different types of voices for every genre and more. There are male and female voices in Japanese and English.

“VOCALOID 5 adds virtual vocalists to your music production environment. They can sing your lyrics and melodies in your favorite voices and desired singing styles. Enjoy the experience of being able to edit singing voices however you like,” says Yoichiro Saito, General Manager, DMI Division of Yamaha Corporation.

Watch the 15-minute demo that will give you a better look at how the program operates, a look at the new layout, how some of the new features operate and so much more. Judging by some of the comments, people are very excited for this. Pick up your copy online here.

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