Bastian Bux is a deep and emotional techno soldier releasing massive tunes for Suara records –the label ran by “the cat” aka Coyu. Bastian’s been making some serious noise on many great imprints like Bedrock, Mood, Selador, Fur Coat and more…His latest creation is named "Somia EP" including "Legal Impunity" premiered by Magnetic Mag today.

"Legal Impunity is an uncomfortable and "hard to listen” song, it makes me feel anxiety, like all these news about high profile criminals (politicians, influential people and even police…) doing whatever they want in front of us with total impunity, and this song is the result of thinking that they don’t play with the same rules as the rest of us.”“Legal Impunity” is no dance floor banger, it features atmospheric pads & keys but the out there kick drum brings tension to the track and make it a very unique overall vibe.

The Spaniard gets inspired on the negatives surrounding him, as Bastian puts it : “I always say that I write music when I’m sad, thoughtful or angry. My inspiration always comes from this kind of negative feelings. We live in a moment where you only need to switch on TV to get mad about something, so there ís plenty of an inspiration source for me nowadays. I feel like if we live in some Orwellian dystopian nightmare, and I hate the fact that nobody seems to care about this”

We’re glad something very positive comes out on this process! “Glauben” goes a different direction with a strong techno groove, the stabs and effects are trippy, this one will please all reputable Djs in the genre. At the drop, the arpeggio will take you on a journey you won’t forget.

“Somia” is definitely going into dark territories. It starts with some nice acid sounds layered with an uplifting melody, a great emotional closing track for the best techno Djs out today.

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“Somia” EP by Bastian Bux will drop on Suara July 9th.

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