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Watch The Black Madonna Punch Some Dude Out In The New Grand Theft Auto Nightclub Trailer

It is a requirement you be able to punch out dudes in GTA as a DJ.
The Black Madonna-25.jpg

It is known that The Black Madonna is a badass. Whether she is taking down racist, sexist and other “ist” trolls on the web or rocking DJ sets around the world, she can handle her own anywhere, anytime. Now you can add punching people out to that list, or at least in a video game. Grand Theft Auto has released the new trailer for the nightclub section of GTA and it shows off the new digs you will be able to use to funnel cash, weapons, drugs and whatever else you want in there, while listening to great DJs like Dixon, Tale of Us, Solomun and The Black Madonna.

About halfway through the clip you see The Black Madonna just level some guy and then lead her group to the club just as the club owner asks for someone to get him a DJ. If you can’t punch somebody out, DJing may not be the business for you in GTA. The clip also shows glimpses of what Dixon, Tale of Us and Solomun look like with their dance moves or not in the case of Dixon. 

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