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Weedsday Playlist: Humble Flower Co. Founder Thea Wayne's 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass, play to this week's weedsday playlist.
Thea Wayne

Thea Wayne

Thea Wayne moved to weed-growing capitol Humbolt County to attend Humboldt State University where she jokingly says she got a “masters degree in cannabis.” There her entrepreneurial spirit was born, experimenting with multiple cannabis businesses before landing on luxury topicals and skin care. Humble Flower Co. was created to produce high end, potently infused cannabis skin care products with minimal cannabis smell. The business has been moved to LA and is expanding to dispensaries around the state. We are happy to bring Wayne on for our latest Weedsday playlist that includes tracks from Tash Sultana, Jhené Aiko and others.

Tash Sultana - Mystik

The first time I heard Tash Sultana, I was driving around doing errands listening to the radio in Humboldt County, where I have lived for last 7 years and started Humble Flower Co. I was completely mesmerized. It wasn’t until watched her youtube videos I realized she was a woman band, capable of playing over 20 instruments. I have since seen her live, I can honestly say her music has changed my life. My friends and I call her little Jimi, reminding us of Jimi Hendrix.

Jhené Aiko ft. Rae Sremmurd - Sativa

Despite having been involved in the cannabis industry for many years, I haven’t smoked or consumed much cannabis in the last 5 years. Recently starting up again, I had convinced myself Indica is the way to go, thinking it would help reduce anxiety, and then boom SATIVA. I recently starting smoking and vaping only Sativa and Sativa-dominant strains. As a busy business lady, I feel the perfect productive high without the head fog. My new, reinvented love for cannabis and sativa is expressed in this song.

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Electric Guest - Oh Devil

The lyrics are perhaps a little dark, but with the groovy electro-reggae rhythm and beats there is no way to not love this song. Great for a smoke sesh, or long drive. I often have this one on repeat.

Ras Matthew - Ganja In My Brain

Before moving to Humboldt County, the heart of the cannabis industry at the age of 17 for college, I thought reggae was solely Bob Marley. Quickly infiltrated into the world of cannabis cultivation, and attending events like Reggae on the River, I broadened my definition of reggae. This groovy jam will always remind me of driving through the mountains of northern California on my way to trim cannabis on a farm.

Handhelp GPS - Rexx Life Raj

Short and powerful, this hip-hop tune caught my attention with the lyrics “use intuition, when your heart speaks to you, you should listen, I’ve been minding my business, I’ve been building my business.” I love when people communicate their ambitions and hustle through music. Rexx Life Raj communicates a lot of beautiful messages through his music. Give the video a peep, filmed in Yosemite.

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