Weedsday Playlist: Odd Future's Mike G Shares 7 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Push, pass and press play to this week's Weedsday playlist with Mike G.
Mike G

Mike G

Odd Future’s Mike G was an early member in the group, joining in 2009 and collaborating with Tyler, The Creator in 2010 on “Timeless.” He served as an integral member in its rise and touring, as well as a part of the music released as a crew. He is currently readying his solo album Stealth Fighter. In addition to music, Mike G is also developing his very own marijuana based sugar and other weed products, aptly named Inda Clouds. To keep with the theme he released his Chase Clouds EP on 4/20 and now we have him in for a Weedsday playlist. He draws his influences from Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Linkin Park, D-12’s Proof and JAY-Z, which you will find a little bit on his Weedsday playlist.

"I got into making edibles to put a stamp on marijuana as a culture. I originally started with an interest in making cotton candy. Once I found out it was just made of sugar, I went from there,” says Mike G. “Rather than being the most blatant weed smoker, I found something that would keep me interested in creating, because you can put sugar in anything!”

Jay-Z - Blue Magic

This is one of the coolest songs for some reason. It’s an underused fit for almost any occasion.

Tyler, The Creator Ft. Hodgy Beats - SANDWITCHES

I say this one because it was the first song where, when I listened to it after smoking, I noticed the different sounds and realized how the effect they have on your brain. Could have been the timing for me also. Nevertheless, the high synth speaks just as many volumes as those kids’ words on there.

Wiz Khalifa - Never Been (Chopped Not Slopped by Mike G)

This originally is a really strong smoking song already. The chopped and screwed version is perfect because the creative space of the genre allows there to be room for variations. The instrumental loop in the beginning enhances the listeners experience, from what I’ve heard.

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The Commodores - Zoom

You need to have something you can break out the stash for the cultured heads. This song is 7 minutes also -- great cruising time.

DJ Screw - One In A Million

This one should speak for itself. Everything sounds better chopped and screwed. And who else to go to than the originator!

Nipsey Hustle - Rap N*ggas

This is a newer one that falls into the category of crazy sonics. The sounds bounce around in your head. It’s so loud that it’s kind of impressive.

Buddy - Find Me

This is an excellent song all around. Haven’t heard a better loner song since day n night by Kid Cudi. Play it once when you have the aux cord, and don’t say anything. If people in the session don’t ask right then, guarantee they’ll return inquiring about this song. Even if it’s the only thing they remember from the entire day!

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