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Weedsday Playlist: Van Der Pop Founder April Pride Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, Pass, Play with this week's Weedsday playlist.
April Snow

Creative entrepreneur April Pride is a brand, design and product innovator. In 2016 she launched Van der Pop, which quickly became North America’s leading female-focused cannabis lifestyle brand. The following year Pride negotiated Van der Pop's acquisition and the brand is now part of the portfolio of brands under company Hiku Brands, which also includes Tokyo Smoke, DOJA Cannabis Co. and Maitri. We asked her to come up with a Weedsday playlist with tunes from Clipse, Miike Snow, DJ Shadow and others.

1. Beth Orton - She Cries Your Name

Produced by William Orbit, the whining strings fade into electronic backtrack fade into that voice. This is the song that began my slow fade into all things electronica. Angry, alt love song that marks a time when I was convinced I had it all wrong. But the fact that I was listening to this - in rural VA - means that something was moving in the right direction. Within two years I was living in LA and watching Ms. Orton perform this live. No doubt that at some point cannabis was consumed while appreciating this song.

2. DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

First make out song with my now husband. His album. So lots of cred bestowed - and truthfully – probably why I made out with him! So well played. Except on my end. We listened, smoked up, hooked up then I remembered I'd committed to babysitting three kids overnight. Mission: To get them (and a school project!) to class on time in the morning once parents caught an early flight. Execution: Showed late to the gig (so I could sober up!), kids woke me in the morning and totally left the project in my trunk. New love mixed with chronic mixed with the sounds of CA. It's a miracle we graduated.

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3. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Black Baby

Friday evenings in the living room of my now husband and his roommate. San Francisco. Outer Sunset. Pacifico. Lime. Vapor Brothers VB1. A food. Repeat.

4. Clipse - Virginia

Clipse is a hip-hop duo from VA Beach, one of the several cities in Hampton Roads where I lived growing up. Of course, the highly emo "Nightmares" was in constant rotation so my friend John asked if I'd heard "Virginia." Since this moment John remains a trusted advisor on all things music - and really all things that need to leave an emotional impression. In fact, he *may* have named Van der Pop.

5. Miike Snow - Silvia

Crescendo of swirling sounds. So happy yet sinister. Always reminded me of a carnival. Then I saw them perform this live. After sharing an indoor joint with my fellow nosebleed ticket holders, I seem to recall a fairly elaborate scheme to make sure the band knew just how much their music meant to me. Although this scheme remained my secret I have no doubt that one, I could of totally found the guys after the show and shared a smoke while waxing poetic and two, we were telepathically connected, which is why I scrapped the elaborate scheme and settled for exchanging brain waves. Maybe it was the pot all along? Expect for the part about really loving the music of Miike Snow. That is simply fact.

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