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Wireless Festival Knew DJ Khaled Wasn't Going To Perform Months In Advance & Didn't Tell Fans

Drake performed instead as a special guest, but it doesn't change the deceptive practices done by the festival.
DJ Khaled Billboard Hot 100 Festival 2017

Wireless Festival is in some serious hot water after their festival closer and Sunday headliner, DJ Khaled did not appear at the festival and was canceled only a few hours before due to "travel issues." He was replaced by a 20-minute Drake set, which was probably better since those fans got to hear new material from Scorpion for the first time live, however many feel deceived by the festival. Wireless admitted they knew that Khaled would not be able to make the festival months in advance, but did not tell fans.

In a tweet, the festival said that DJ Khaled was not able to commit due to a “scheduling conflict” with filming The Four, but they wanted to try and work things out.

This seems to be incredibly irresponsible for the festival to do. Wireless knew their headliner very well may not make it and did not make other plans to officially announce a new headliner. This is not someone earlier in the day that would still have fans, but is not your big-ticket seller. Having Drake as a backup is lucky for them, but it could have gone horribly wrong if they didn’t have someone with the stature to close out the festival, deceiving fans and potential creating a dangerous situation for those who felt deceived and scammed. They may still have to issue refunds anyway.

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We reached out to the festival for further comment and have not heard back. 

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