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Grammy award winner Sharam of Deep Dish has relaunched. This episode features up an comers Wolf Story with a nice mix of deep house and melodic with some techno elements here and there.

Sharam invites Wolf Story on Yoshitoshi Radio

Wolf Story Mix (30 min)

01 Nihil Young, Wolf Story - Breath - Audiophile

02 Samuel L Session - Phrases - KMS

03 Sonic Future - Rwanda - Plano B

04 SEQU3L - Sake Dreams - Beatfreak

05 Enzo Siffredi - No Sugar (Wolf Story remix) - Wired

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06 Ivory - Words Can't Explain - Sweet Musique

07 Simone Vitulllo - Rejection feat Lady Vale - Go Deeva

08 Wolf Story - Time - Yoshitoshi

Also check out the latest EP on the label "Four Points" featuring DJ T, Chance Caspian, Wolf Story, Khainz and Sharam himself.

Four Points II featuring  Wolf Story, Sharam, DJ T, Chance Caspian, CJ Jeff, Khainz, Sharam

This is the 2nd edition of "Four Points", 4 artists coming from 4 corners of the world delivering 4 quality tunes. Sharam brought back his concept dating from 2008!

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