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Even though summer is winding down for most of us, that hasn't stopped the incredible flow of spicy, funky tunes coming our way! It was tough narrowing down this month's selections, so put on your boogie shoes, & let's go dancing!

1. Niteshifters - We Can Fly (Dr Packer Remix)

Dr. Packer does it again with his take on "We Can Fly" by Niteshifters. Deep bass grooves, silky strings, and come-hither vocals take this gorgeous track to the next level. After all that, a sexy guitar solo is produced, taking this track over the top! Niteshifters say they will make you put on your boogie pants and do the 21st-Century hustle and I agree!

2. Shiro Schwarz - Under The Moonlight

Straight outta Mexico, Shiro Schwarz brings the odd juxtaposition of an other-worldly sounding voice against a funky synth groove that just works. I fall a little more in love with this group with each release! 

3. Skibblez - Be With You

Next stop on our funk trek is Canada, where Skibblez is generating grooves that swept under me like a slow jam wave. You never know where the night might take you with this one.

4. Dave Allison - Arctic Boogie

This dirty funk is so hot it would melt an iceberg! Dave Allison is bringing the heat with "Arctic Boogie," so I don't even need this faux fur jacket to stay warm. Thanks again Canada!

5. Limpodisco - From Disco To The Underground (Hotmood Remix)

After listening to this smoke show of a track, I am officially in Disco heaven, by way of the funk highway. Hotmood slicks up this jam, giving it just enough funk groove. Hailing from Ukraine, Limpodisco ask us to "try it to be wet and sexy" and I say OK to that!

6. Ourra & Andre Espeut - Don't Back Down

Synthy, poppy, & funky, "Don't Back Down" makes me feel like I woke up in 1982, put on a sparkly headband and grabbed my boombox to go over to a friend's house to roller skate. I'd like to stay in this dream for a little while. 

7. Disclosure - Funky Sensation feat. Gwen McCrae (Extended Mix) 

Separation can cause such sweet sorrow and the boys from Disclosure know that, so what a month to have 5 new tracks dropped on us while we wait for their next LP! "Funky Sensation" feat. Gwen McCrae is giving me exactly what I need to get me dancing all night long.

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8. Miles Francis - Complex (Bright Light Bright Light Remix)

A slower shuffle, Bright Light Bright Light's remix of "Complex" keeps my core moving in just the right way. This is the perfect lounging song, with just enough splash to keep to keep the groove going. 

9. Mellow Cat & Kathy Diamond - Accelerate (Extended Dance Mix)

Somebody get me some floaties, because I want to just lay in the pool and soak this one in. Glittery and light, "Accelerate" is giving me life with it's synthy breeziness. This beat is timeless. Pass the suntan oil please.

10.  Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Jam Master's Disco Mix)

I am just going to sit in my cabana and watch the world go by to this one. JMMSTR never disappoints with his easy remixes of classic tunes. No madness anywhere here, with sweet bongos & quiet claps are lulling me straight to disco paradise. 

11. Alessandro Calabrese - Sunshine

With splashy guitars and bass grooves that make me want to bite my bottom lip, Germany's Alessandro Calabrese's "Sunshine" is filling the sky with joy. This is the perfect track to wrap up summer with and make you long for next summer too.

12. Agrume - Waiting For Love

Agrume won't be waiting for love for long, as I am about to give him a lot of it! "Waiting For Love" makes me want to throw my hands in the air and wave 'em like I just don't care. The bass groove at the 3:00 mark is delicious and takes this track all the way home.

13. The Funk District - A Gangster Film 

The Funk District describe their music as "funk on steroids" and boy, do I agree! "A Gangster Film" puts me in the driver's seat of an El Camino, adjusting my butterfly collar and showing off my fly new platforms. This sonic landscape just takes you to a groovier time, and I love it.

14. Les Inferno - Dude Disco

"Now get on up, get on up" is what we are told to do on this hot track, and I am going to do as I am told. Les Inferno brings a classic 70's sensibility to this disco/funk gem that never goes out of style.

15. Primaveras - Wait Until Dawn (Holy Ghost! Remix)

I would definitely "Wait Until Dawn" for this track. Holy Ghost! is back with dreamy synths & tinkling piano keys on this groover from Primaveras, bringing it a hopelessly delicious summer vibe. Hopefully, this is a sign of more good things to come soon from Holy Ghost!.

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