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We're back!!! Funky Fresh Fire has passed the torch to me to find you the hottest disco & funk tracks burning up my ears right now. July's disco selections were plentiful, & kept coming all month, so what better time than the heat of summer to get your boogie on? Find yourself poolside, at a summer party, or lounge the days away with the sexiest grooves around!

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1. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar (Ken's Disco Stomper)

Chaka Khan has reemerged like a butterfly with this deliciously sticky groover, & Ken@Work has done an incredible job making this remix that much sweeter. Nice way to make a comeback for Ms. Khan.

2. AshReynolds - Remember When

With sultry female vocals bringing the funk, AshReynolds delivers a steamy trip down funk lane. Clocking in at just 3:19, the track reminds you it doesn't take all night to get comfortable & forget about your troubles.

3. Da Lukas - Burnin Disco

Get on your dancing shoes & prepare to burn up the dancefloor with this little gem. Da Lukas is ready & out the door to the club with "Burning Disco." I can't wait to hear more from this Italian DJ/producer.

4. CJ & Co. - Devil's Gun (Sir Dancealot Progressive Disco House Mix)

Coming from the way back machine, 1978's "Devil's Gun" has been nicely updated for 2018 by Sir Dancealot. Cinematic in its approach, this one makes me want to put on a butterfly collar shirt and get in a car chase, or at least race to my local disco.

5. C. Da Afro - Carte Blanche

First of all, with a name like C. Da Afro, you know you are in for a good time. The only problem...I want more! This track could easily be twice as long and I would be twice as happy, but I will take what I can get when it's this good!

6. Madonna - Holiday (Barry & Gibbs Extended Edit) 

If you ever needed a reminder of why Madonna is an icon, this updated version of "Holiday" takes care of that completely! If this song was released today, it would still be a summer smash hit and still fills dancefloors today. Barry & Gibbs give us another masterful rework of dance floor perfection.

7. Sven Atterton - Taboo

What's funkier than slap-bass, I don't know? This electro/funk jam is just right for brightening your mood on demand. Where's this guy been all my life? Essex, England evidently. I expect more great hip shakers from this guy.

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8. Stephen Richards - Fines Lines (Tony Disco Remix)

From our friends at Spa In Disco, "Fines Lines" is a slow burner, & Tony Disco's remix drapes around me like a silk robe. Flowing sexily around my mind, this is a great jam to begin or end your evening with. 

9. Disco Dikc - Mint Flavour

With bright horns, slap-bass & smoldering vocals, "Mint Flavour" is sure to get you moving. This one is a real party starter and is sure to fill the dancefloor or your bedroom, whichever you get to first!

10. Valique - It's Hot (Heavy Boogie Edit)

This song is hot and it knows it! A fan is absolutely necessary for this disco/funk prize. It might be chilly in Valique's home country of Russia, but he sure knows how to bring the heat!

11. Andy Buchan - Funky Thing (Unemployed Edit)

If this is what being unemployed means, then sign me up! Andy Buchan consistently brings the funkiest sounds and sleaziest grooves. This track is no exception. Funky Thing takes its time burning its way into your brain and you are going to like it!

12. Chicago - Street Player (Dr. Packer Mashup)

Never one to let us down, Dr. Packer has unleashed the gorgeous Chicago horns mashed up with The Bucketheads "The Bomb" to create this undeniable pleaser. Dr. Packer kept this one to himself for a while, but thankfully, we get to enjoy this rump shaker all summer long.

13. Sofi Tukker - Batshit (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Purple Disco Machine has taken an already great song & made it a pool party ready. Adding just the right amount of sunshine, Sofi Tukker's "Batshit" gets to sparkle even more. I'll take a fresh Pina Colada to wash down this goodness. 

14. Sam Dian - Movie Star

"I want you to love me like a movie star" is what Sam Dian wants and I am all too happy to oblige. With silky smooth vocals, wha wha guitars, & even a triangle, this guy gets me. Where is my swimsuit already!?

15. JMMSTR - Afro Edit 3

If a conga line is what you need, this track is sure to get it started! Even if you don't have a coconut bra handy, nothing will stop this one from getting you moving. This, in a series of Afro Edits from JMMSTR, will satisfy that need to boogie.

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