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A-Trak & Todd Terry Drop Aptly Titled 'DJs Gotta Dance More'

"This song is an ode to record-digging and bedroom beatmaking"


A-Trak and Todd Terry have teamed up on a new song aptly titled “DJs Gotta Dance More.” Fittingly released after the whole Salvatore Ganacci Tomorrowland dancing saga, "DJs Gotta Dance More" is some good old house music.

It has a classic ring to it, with some floating piano, a steady groove and Todd Terry laying down some wisdom. Terry lends his deep voice to talk about digging in the crates, feeling the groove and dancing because you have to know why your audience will dance, and making beats.

“This song is an ode to record-digging and bedroom beatmaking,” says A-Trak in a statement. “I met Todd through my Duck Sauce partner Armand Van Helden. I’ve always seen both of them as my spiritual godfathers. We share a tradition of bringing the hip-hop ethos to house music. Getting to work with my heroes is a real privilege to me. In a way this is a song by DJs, for DJs.”

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I would be willing to bet this was finished and ready for release before Tomorrowland, but the timing is impeccable. Sometimes everything just aligns. 

Pick up the record here.

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