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Apogee Joins Moog In Voicing Opposition To Trump Tariffs, Citing Unavoidable Higher Costs

They may have to move some production out of the country as a result.
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Apogee Electronics, maker of some of top end audio interfaces like the duet and quarter, condensers and more, is joining Moog in the public battle against Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods.

The billions of dollars in tariffs being slapped on goods across the board in agriculture, manufacturing and electronics impacts products that all Americans buy, but for Apogee, who create and manufacture their products in the United States, there will be an unavoidable increase in cost. According to the company, despite the fact they manufacture in the United States, some components can only be bought from China and there isn’t a second source for them. This is what happens when the global supply chain has been existence for decades. You can’t just replace it in a month because populism.

They cite the July 6 tariff that slapped a 25% tax on electronics from China, which will ultimately increase prices, though they want to avoid that. To stay competitive, they have to look outside of the United States to manufacture, which as you might imagine, would not be good for their workforce in the United States.

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In a post on their website, they have a form letter you can send your representative about the issue. 

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