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Carl Cox Wants To Build A New Space Ibiza

Space Ibiza might be coming back with the help of its most important resident.
Carl Cox at Space Ibiza (photo by Malagalabombonera)

Carl Cox at Space Ibiza (photo by Malagalabombonera)

Space Ibiza’s legacy lives on as one of the greatest clubs to ever exist in Ibiza and potentially the world. It closed in 2016 with Carl Cox at the helm whose name was synonymous with the club. He held a residency there for close to two decades and now wants to rebuild the club somewhere on the island.

In an interview with BE-AT.TV, he revealed that he is looking to bring Space back soon.

“We have the idea of bringing Space back next year for maybe an opening and closing, but apart from that we are actually looking for a new area to build a new Space somewhere on the island,” said Cox.

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He went on further to make his intentions even more clear when pressed about the issue, saying there is “no doubt….I'm going to bring it back in the near or the distant future.”

“Space was built as an independent club in Playa d'en Bossa. Playa d'en Bossa only became Playa d'en Bossa because of Space. The new Space doesn't actually have to be on Playa d'en Bossa. Obviously we need some place where it's a little bit quiet,” he says.

"There is no way I'm going to build a Space nightclub next to Ushuaia or anything. We will go to a completely new place with a new concept. But the idea is to have the same people who made Space and have people who want to support me in my quest to create a new Space back on the island."

He is looking at 2020 as an ideal year. He doesn’t want to put the idea of Space on any of the other clubs because it wouldn’t feel right. 

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