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Day For Night Founder Out After Sexual Assault Allegations Go Public

Omar Afra has been ousted from Day For Night after two women accused him of sexual misconduct.
crowd day n night fest

crowd day n night fest

Houston music festival Day For Night has ousted their founder Omar Afra after allegations of sexual misconduct and assault were made public over the past few days. One alleged incident happened eight years and another ten months ago.

Festival Response:

In a statement made yesterday, the festival said they were “shocked and saddened to hear of the allegations of sexual misconduct against Day For Night founder, Omar Afra. We stand with all victims of abuse.” The festival's creditors have foreclosed on the entity that owns the festival, effectively removing Afra from it. The future of the festival, which typically takes place in December, is still uncertain with an announcement to be made at a later date.

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What Happened?

On Friday, posts were shared from two women who say Afra sexually assaulted them. They had similar experiences with him where he offered them work and then used the opportunity to assault them. One woman filed a police report, which you can see in the link here. There are also screenshots of Facebook message exchanges between Afra and one of the alleged victims where Afra apologizes for “being forward” and admits he was “sorry and ashamed” about the incident.

Afra Response:

However he is denying the allegations. Speaking to ABC13 Houston, he said that the police didn’t find enough evidence in the case.

"Very quickly the D A's office and HPD disposed of the case. There was no evidence for sexual assault. It would have amounted to a Class C misdemeanor and they didn't even have the evidence for that," he said.

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