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Disclosure Release Two Songs In Two Days, But Album Is Not Coming Soon

Fans will have to be happy with the two songs for now.

After taking time off to reset where they took a year off from their festival Widlife, stopped touring and stepped away from releasing music, Disclosure returned in May with a new song “Ultimatum.” Then after a few months, without warning they released a new song “Moonlight” yesterday and then today, they have released another new record, “Where Angels Fear To Tread.”

“Where Angels Fear To Tread” samples the vocals from the classic and often re-recorded song “Fools Rush In” done acapella by the The Four Freshman. The song was written in 1940 and then covered by Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Etta James, Dean Martin, Cliff Richard and many others. "Where Angels Feat To Tread" has a housey vibe to a very classic song that could pass itself off for a sneaky Christmas song with its jazzy drumbeat and bass stabs, but a lot better. “Moonlight” has more of the classics Disclosure sound, with some Jamie xx-sounding vocal effects.

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As for an album, this has led to speculation that LP3 is on its way very soon. A label rep for Disclosure says they don’t have an album to announce anytime soon, so these singles will likely have to hold us over for a while. The pair has been open about spending time in the studio this year, so these songs are likely the byproduct of that, but we will see about a full album at some point. 

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