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Discogs 2018 Mid-Year Report: Vinyl Sales Up, Cassettes Surge

Pink Floyd reigns as the most popular vinyl on Discogs.
Discogs 2018 Mid-year Report

Discogs 2018 Mid-Year Report

Discogs has released its 2018 mid-year report, comparing its findings to the general findings across the industry from Nielsen. One of the main findings in the Discogs report is that vinyl sales are up, which is expected, but the main surprise is how much cassettes are surging.

Nielsen is reporting that physical album sales are down again for 2018 (-14.6%) in the first half of the year (they reported in July). Discogs is telling a different story. There is a 10.2% increase in orders and 15.8% increase in revenue from sales.

The most popular format this year has been vinyl, which grew year-on-year 14.9%, but the biggest riser has cassettes, which has exploded 35.19 from this point last year.

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This comes as vinyl and CD submissions are down a few percentage points, which could explain an increase in revenue if prices are inching up to meet demand. The most popular genres remain Rock, Electronic, and Funk/Soul.

The top 10 vinyl charts on Discogs and Nielsen have only two overlapping releases in The Beatles Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band and Michael Jackson Thriller. The most popular on Nielsen are Jack White’s Boarding House Reach and Kendrick’s DAMN, while people still love Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon on Discogs.

Read the full report here

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