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Exclusive: Toyboy & Robin Summer Jams House Mix

Toyboy & Robin recap their summer with this mix of their favorite tunes from this season.
Toyboy & Robin

Toyboy & Robin

The summer is unfortunately slowly wrapping up, but that does not mean you have to let it peter out with a whimper. Toyboy & Robin have been on the move this summer and are ready to look back at some of the highlight tracks of their summer for us in a new mix.

The London duo mix together tunes from Jacques Renault, Jimpster, Detroit Swindle, DJ Koze and of course themselves. It all comes together into a blend of tracks that work well for the summer roof or the transition into cooler months.

“With this mix we wanted to showcase some of the tracks we’ve really enjoyed playing out, and hearing out, over the course of this summer,” the duo explains to Magnetic. “We’ve gone with a mix of tracks you’d be more likely to hear on a rooftop as well as ones ready-made for the basement. We hope you enjoy it!”

01. Obelisk - Das Komplex

02. Paradise (Original Mix) - Kaz James & Nick Morg

03. Devoted To U (Session Victim Extended Remix) - Folamou

04. Coming Back (Original Mix) - Get To Know

05. Ngeke (andhim Remix) - Armonica, Toshi

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06. One More Time (Original Mix) - Jacques Renault

07. Becoming Cyclonic (Original Mix) - Jimpster

08. Aesthetic (Original Mix) - Phonk D

09. Isabella Road - Eliphino

10. Bubieno (Original Mix) - Ben Remember

11. Terrace (Original Mix) - Andrea Oliva

12. Bad Horn (Extended Mix) - ANOTR

13. Horn It (Extended Mix) - Toyboy & Robin

14. Freeqy Polly (Original Mix) - Detroit Swindle

15. Pick Up (12” Extended Disco Version) - DJ Koze

16. Everybody Have A Good Time (Original Mix) - Paul Johnson

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