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Four Tet Releases Live Album From Funkhaus Berlin In May

Four Tet releases his live album from a gig at Funkhaus Berlin in May.
Four Tet Press Photo Black & White

Four Tet isn’t one for big announcements on the web, but yesterday he dropped a live album seemingly out of nowhere. The album was recorded on May 10 at Funkhaus Berlin, a building built in the 1950s as a GDR state radio.

The live album includes live re-workings of songs from his various albums, with selections from his 2017 LP New Energy. The live album includes a rather massive 26-minute rendition of “Morning Side” that you won’t hear anywhere else. This breathes new life into his records in a way you likely won’t hear anywhere else.

The live album is available to download and listen on his Bandcamp for £5 and then to stream on Spotify. 

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