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Interview: Autolaser On Making His New Listening EP 'Lost Call'

Also learn how his dog Daffy curates the IG account.

Norwegian producer Autolaser is back on bitbird with a new EP lost call. After releasing on bitbird last fall with “Naikira” and then remixing San Holo’s “The Future,” he is back with a full EP that works as background music to enjoy while doing other activities, though don’t let that description make you think it is any less of a record. The EP dives into chillwave, nu-disco, notably on “Firenze,” though Autolaser notes he has never been to the city, and synthwave with a wide collection of shimmering synths and easygoing beats.

We decided to get a little more information on how the record came to be by asking Autolaser about his favorite background listening records, what he liked so much about Italy and what makes such a good dog IG.

Why do you think your EP is good for listening to in the background?

My intention was to make a record that didn't brought too much attention but still sounded tempting in the background.

It's like a banana on the table and it's not bringing too much attention when it's sitting in the room but when you taste it, it's so delicious.

What are some of your other favorite background listening records?

Good question.

Ulver - Kveldssanger

Norwegian black metal band from the early 90s made an acoustic album, and after this record they went 100% electronic. And you can kinda hear the transition from acoustic to electronic elements in that record.

Also their album called Lyckantropen Theme is also worth checking out. Lots of inspiration.

Deepchord - Sommer

I've slept so much to that album. The texture and the ambient feel to it is so nice, I can almost listen to that record at anytime.

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What about that trip to Italy inspired you to make the record?

Fun fact: I've never been to Firenze. BUT I went to Sicily with my fiancée a couple of years ago. We didn't know so much about that island, but it has a lot of interesting stories there. From the early mob days, volcanos, fashion shows, amazing architecture, car races and so on. If you look up pictures from Sicily it still kind of looks like the late 70s. That inspired me a lot, because I love that era. Also I was diving into rare Italo disco records looking for inspirations. And at that time my fiancée and me were really newly in love, so everything is perfect you know. I love that part. It triggers something special inside of you.

Was there something cathartic about making a record like this after making some rap, pop and more upbeat dance records?

I've always loved to make those genres, but they come from the producer side of me.

This record was more like letting all my senses be free and just making songs. And some of them are made from different states of mind like happiness, sadness, drunk, post rave moods, in love -- All those clichés.

It didn’t hurt to make those songs, because nothing was hurt or forced. It was just a natural human speaking from heart and time. I don't see myself as a producer; I feel that I contribute to my life with my own desires not by or for others or the industry. I think that’s why I haven't really “blown up,” because I'm too lost in my own world.

Why did you return to bitbird for this EP?

I've never left the bitbird family. BUT I couldn't have found a better home for lost call. bitbird was the only label I knew who would understand this. They do understand me, and I'm forever grateful for that. They are pioneers in the scene today, nobody releases so much rare stuff like they do. Some solid ears in that office for sure.

What is the secret to having a good dog IG?

I will let Daffy take over from here.

Daffy: thank you. IG is a great way for me to express my life as a dog, I’m a dog. Its a lot of bitches on the IG wow I cant believe it. I get a lot of DMs, and I just blocked my dad the other day. 

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