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With the wide array of professional audio tools available, iZotope always seems to come out on top. With products like the revered Ozone for mastering, RX for audio restoration, and VocalSynth 2 for unprecedented vocal effects, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company has now released Nectar Elements. This all new powerful plugin provides an all-in-one bundle of tools to greatly enhance the tonal quality of any vocal, including dialogue. 

With six built-in modules, Nectar Elements can intelligently combine compression, de-essing, tonal and subtractive EQ, pitch correction, and reverb. 

iZotope's Nectar Elements utilizes machine learning for the all new Vocal Assistant. The Vocal Assistant has the ability to listen to any vocal and adapt to it to get a solid sound to get you started. By choosing the optimal setting to get going, Vocal Assistant will save you tons of time on finding the right preset to tweak.

iZotope Nectar Elements Vocal Assistant

iZotope's Nectar Elements Vocal Assistant

Nectar Elements was built with the Vocal Assistant in mind to omit the guesswork for you. This is a plugin that can be successfully used by beginners or the most pioneering audio engineers. 

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Upon opening Nectar Elements, you will be prompted with the Vocal Assistant asking, "What are you going for?" This is where you'll select what type of vocal you're working with. I used dialogue in my testing. Once you've selected one of the three options, Vintage, Modern, or Dialogue, then select if you want the effects to be applied lightly, moderately, or aggressively. I selected "Light." 

After going through the aforementioned process, Nectar Elements will wait for you to play some audio. As your audio is playing, Nectar Elements will analyze your audio and apply the effects it thinks your audio needs in real-time. After your audio has been processed and it's decided the best preset for the selected audio, you'll be presented with the six aforementioned settings: de-essing, compression, pitch correction, tonal and subtractive EQ, and reverb. 

iZotope Nectar Elements Effects

iZotope's Nectar Elements effects

I was immediately presented with a bright, more transparent dialogue. So much so that there wasn't much tweaking needed, as the Vocal Assistant did the job superbly. 

So, if you're looking for an affordable, professional sounding plugin to greatly enhance your vocals, then look no further. Nectar Elements should absolutely be in your arsenal for vocal enhancement. 

To learn more about Nectar Elements, visit iZotope's website here

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