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Jackmaster Admits To Sexually Harassing Female Staff Member At Love Saves The Day Festival, Dropped From Shows

This story is not going away quietly.

Earlier this week, Jackmaster released a statement apologizing for drunken inappropriate behavior and damaging equipment at Bristol’s Love Saves The Day Festival. It was odd, but according to the staff member and everyone involved, the case was closed. Not so because new details have emerged of his inappropriate behavior. According to a new RA report, that behavior was sexual harassment and the fallout is just getting started.

The staff member spoke to Resident Advisor, explaining that Jackmaster’s behavior “crossed the boundaries of acceptability, regardless of the fact he was clearly off his head” and nobody did anything despite there being so many witnesses. Afterwards the staff got together to discuss what happened and invited Jackmaster to come. According to the staff member, Jackmaster did come into the meeting they had and offered to hand himself into the police, release a public apology or whatever else it took. She felt sick that the apology was “hijacked by untruths and lad humor.”

Jackmaster offered his own statement, admitting to the harassment and abuse, saying “my actions involved attempting to kiss and grab people against their will. I am truly disgusted and ashamed of myself, and I do not wish to use my substance abuse as an excuse for my actions.”

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He said he abused GHB after his performance and put himself into a blackout. “I was abusive and acted lewdly and inappropriately towards numerous members of staff at the festival—both female and male—during a drug-induced blackout, which I had put myself into after my performance by drinking a substance called GHB.”

He admits the initial statement was too ambiguous and he won’t be returning to Bristol for the remainder of the year.

The fallout has already started. He has been dropped from the Warehouse Project’s December 7 show, which he was the highlighted artist. You can still see his name in the URL.

He has also been dropped from an upcoming Motion Bristol event In:Motion on September 29 that also features the likes of Floating Points, Amelie Lens, Joy Orbison, Midland and more. He was dropped from a few more events, but also was left on the bill for a few more in the immediate fallout. He has not been heard from since.

This may come as a total surprise (not), but Jackmaster last year came out as an “ally” to women. He posted a series of tweets about the plight of women in the music industry and male privilege as a DJ. You can judge that. 

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