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Jackmaster Apologizes For Damaging Equipment, Drunken Offensive Behavior To Staff At Love Saves The Day Festival

The festival has accepted his apology.

Jackmaster has apologized for his actions at Bristol’s Love Save The Day Festival, which took place back in May. According to him, he was “drunk and behaved inappropriately and offensively to staff at the event, and damaged equipment.”

He says he takes full responsibility and apologizes for his actions, which he does not remember. “I have already made major changes to my lifestyle, and will continue these ongoing. Over the last few weeks I have done everything in my ability to confront and address the repercussions of my actions head-on, and apologize personally to those that I affected,” says the DJ.

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Love Saves The Day responded with a statement of their own that echoed his story and sentiment of remorse, saying they have accepted his apology and note they “will never tolerate any unacceptable behavior towards them, from any member the public, contractors, or artists.”

According to the festival, they received complains about Jackmaster’s behavior from staff and investigated the incident. He met with the staff involved and “showed genuine remorse, full responsibility for his actions plus an undertaking to ensure that his behavior would never be repeated at any event in the future.”

It is a little odd he is posting about this two months after the incident when he probably didn't need to publicly. It could be that he was blackout and the incident(s) is just being brought to his attention or this is a part of his dealing with his substance abuse and wants to make amends. “This post will serve to remind me that my behavior was unacceptable, and it is a bid to address issues in the wider events and music industries,” he remarks. Either way, good on him for coming clean.

As we found out later, he was not coming clean about the sexual harassment and was only forced to admit that after later press dug that up.

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