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Kerri Chandler Giving Away 43 Unreleased Or Vinyl-Only Songs For Free

Loads of music being released from Kerri Chandler.
kerri 2.jpg

Kerri Chandler is feeling generous this week. The New Jersey legend is giving away for free 43 songs that were never released digitally. The tracks were either previously unreleased or vinyl-only.

The entire pack of free-downloads has been made available in a WeTransfer and includes tracks from all throughout his career.

Among the tracks on the 2GBs of music include “Get It Off” from his 1990 debut EP Super Love, "Mommy What's A Record," a track off the 2010 The Thing For Linda 2010 12-inch, collabs with Dee Brave, Naeem Johnson and remixes for Nina Simone and others. It has some other rare mixes and re-edits he used to play.

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In a note on Facebook he said, “As promised I am putting this link up for 43 songs of mine for free that weren't available as digital downloads.”

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