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After a visit to Fenton House, a 17th-century merchant's house in Hampstead, in North London which belongs to the National Trust, Kirsty Ward and David Longshaw became obsessed by the oddly kitsch porcelain bird candle holders displayed in one of the rooms. They started drawing them with elements of bionic birds and flowers coming out of their heads in vibrant neons, pinks and reds creating their own unique lace.    

Continuing the fun asymmetry of the embroidery, LONGSHAW WARD includes hand-beaded beautiful arrangements in Swarovski, recycled found objects, tiny metal hinges and glass beads on to white Airtex and pink double crepe. 

For their continuing love to sci-fi, they persist in their juxtaposition of fabrication, style and embellishment, using traditional wools with tinsel textured fabrics. Textile highlights from this collection include embroidered net, wool, glitter, patent leather and Airtex in red, pink, black, white and turquoise.  

LONGSHAW WARD is a Womenswear and Accessories label crafted by themselves in London studio, to fully explore and develop the vision for the label. 

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All pieces are made in the UK, using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials. | Instagram | Twitter


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